20 May 2009

The Beginning Of The Middle

Here begins my chronicle of a week in Atlanta.

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles LITERALLY"
-I took a plane then a train then a car home from the train station
-I've got no more dog, no more dog.
-Good old $8.79 magnum of pinot grigio
-do you have to refrigerate pinot grigio? Will it go bad once you open it like vodka?
-Two of the quietest, keep-to-themselves people in the world sat next to me on the plane. What a dream!
-The jet engine I was positioned next to made stop-starty sputter noises throughout about a third of the trip. What a dream that is actually a nightmare!
-Not to mention I bought a hands-free headset for my 2005 mobile telephone...but I DID!
-Does manhattan miss me? I would miss it if only I hadn't already TAKEN it. Ya just got beck'd!

now for a series of words I have freely associated with this trip:
car alarm, tears, octopus on abc, hands free, headset, from target, planetrainyougetit, mom.