24 July 2008

All I Want To Do Is...And...And Take Your Money

Question for you:

what's the plot of Bambi? Just wondering if you knew. I just read all about it online, and can I tell you something? I didn't remember two-thirds of it. How did I only remember the sad parts? I liked this better the first time I saw it, when it was called The Lion King a-thank you!

Also, have you listened to Paper Planes 50 times? I think you should consider it.

Also, Ben Savage? Fred Savage? Where are you guys? Baby come back!

"Your new air conditioner is nice, but my thunderstorm is better"
-Dr. Puddle, meteorologist

18 July 2008

You And I Are Going To Really Hit It Off, I Can Tell

Welcome to part II of the Becklectic series:

"The Post-College Young Adult Years"

Here you'll find:
1) Advice (about party games, different ways to watch tv all day, and love)
2) History (learn about previous becklectics and what made them great)
3) Vegetables (pictures of them, which ones are preferred by which celebrities)
4) Parties every day
5) Whatever show recaps you ask me for, especially that episode of Baby Borrowers where the little boy jumps on the bed going "I'm so cool!!!"
6) Farts (hilarious ones!)
8) Item #7 (nope)
9) An interactive dictionary of cockney rhyming slang
10) Vague tour schedule for the 3 Tenors

And time marches onward, past the college town of Becklectopolis and into the Manhattan branch of BeckCo. Thank God we're starting on a Friday.