24 July 2010

Jeans Diapers: What's The Big Deal?

Visiting Atlanta a few months ago, I was taking my daily stroll around the local Target when I glanced at a mind-boggling display: Huggies Little Movers Denim Diapers. If I remember correctly, I believe my response was to (1) drop everything I was holding, (2) hit my chin on the floor, and (3) suddenly remember that, occasionally, I can still feel thrilled about something.

Why, then, does every article or blog post I read on the internet condemn these jeans diapers? From the Times Magazine to Salon to NY Mag, moral outrage is pervasive. Everybody hates these diapers, and I want to know why. First, here's the disgustingly over-sexualized, not-funny-at-all, saying-things-like-"POOP" commercial:

Oh man, these devils at Huggie are truly perverted. That be-jeansed baby is practically in flagrante delicto for the spot's entire 30 seconds! Rest assured, I'm still buying honest, customary, white diapers for my hope chest. I'd rather not ruin my future baby's life with jeans diapers, for God's sake.

This morning I walked by this ad on the armani exchange window. Is she wearing Little Movers, or is this just a harbinger of what we can expect from our nation's youth?

In actuality, my best friend Katherine DID buy me a hope chest for my 18th birthday, and if I were ever to put traditionally hope-chesty things in there, jeans diapers would top the list. Wouldn't that be amazing? To be able to dress up your baby in a costume so awesomely functional, just on those times you'd feel like, I don't know, having fun with your child? I think that could be fun. What if you wanted to dress up your baby as Teen Wolf for his first Halloween? Wow, if only jeans diapers existed, that would really fit the bill. Or what if you were the sort of parent who held up options of clothes for the baby to choose from occasionally (you know, just on those times you might want to have fun), and the baby genuinely seemed to like the jeans diapers? If making her happy meant putting her in denim Huggies, I would be more than willing.

I finally found a blog post at Trendhunter (sure, why not?) that shared my more positive sentiments. Sure, writer Zoe Badley might be more impressed with the commercial than I am, but that's only because I've been watching videos with the word "poop" in them for a long time now. What I really enjoy about the Trendhunter article is the "Related Trends" section, which shows like 30 different articles about diapers. Fantastic.

To further convince you, I'm adding pictures of my brother and me on Halloween 1987. Tell me you wouldn't consider dressing up your kid as Teen Wolf.

22 July 2010

What An Idea For A Movie!

Have you heard about this? An Arab guy pretended to be Jewish so he could have a relationship with this Israeli woman, and now she's pressing rape charges (she had given consent under false pretenses). If the guy weren't going to jail, I would've immediately copy/pasted this story into Final Draft and gotten a genius screenplay out of it. As it stands, you can't end a movie with your hapless, in-way-over-his-head hero doing hard time. It doesn't sit well. And so-

What I Might Have Called the Hilarious Romantic Comedy That Could Have Come from This Fiasco:
  1. The Odd Couple
  2. How to Lose a Jew in 10 Days (alternate: How to Lose a Jew in 6 Days (War))
  3. Circumcise Me!
  4. The Yarmulke Job
  5. The Fertile Crescent
  6. Love Is Rael!
  7. Caught in the Middle East
  8. Uh-Oh, It's Yom Kippur and I'm Not Fasting
  9. Peace (and Love) in the Middle East
  10. Sleeping With the Enemy of State
11. Sheesh in the Middle East
12. Guess Who's Coming to Seder
13. I Ran Shofar Away (that has more to do with music, though)
14. We'll Always Have Hummus
15. The Girl with Haifa Heart
16. Knesset and Tell
17. Strife with my Wife
18. Finders Kippahs
19. West Bank Story
20. When Jewy Met Palestiney...

20 July 2010

Beckfiti: The Tess Files

First off, Tess (of Curiouser and Curiouser fame) sent me this insane double-beckfiti. Can you make out the pink "becky" behind the green one?
Broome and Greene

Next, we can clearly see that someone tried and failed to hide the beckfiti behind... what is that, very wide packing tape? Nice try.
Cooper Sq. and e. 7th

And finally, Tess sent me this mailbox beckfiti shot, which I myself found late one night on Ave A and 2nd (see Nighttime Beckfiti post). This is easily the most comprehensive beckfiti-tracking effort ever made.

pictures of my name in graffiti from you!

I feel like we could discuss this on a case-by-case basis. But I will say that the reward would automatically include undeniable heroism. Unless that's something you're not interested in, in which case it would become part of our discussion.

16 July 2010

The TV Premieres I Am Already Excited About

In honor of Mad Men's triumphant return to AMC on the 25th, I'm going to let you know what other shows I'm counting down to:

a. Friday, August 20th: IFC is going to show a Kids In The Hall reunion miniseries starting that night! Did they reunite this year? Or was it right after Brain Candy? I cannot wait to find out.

b. Wednesday, September 8th: TOP MODEL! (CW)

c. Monday, September 13th: My favorite show to recap, Gossip Girl. It should also be noted that this will be the premiere of my birthday, as well! (CW)

d. Tuesday, September 21st: Running Wilde, Will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz's new show (FOX)

f. Thursday, September 23rd: Must See Thursday! (minus Parks & Rec, which will start mid-season I think) (NBC)

e. Wednesday, September 22nd: Modern Family on ABC!

and who could ever ignore
g. Sunday, September 26th: America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC)

Later on I will have to explain my 3-tiered theory on the enjoyment factor of AFV. For now, I'm just excited for TV to come back on.

(Not that I haven't truly enjoyed watching Wipeout's dangerous Japanese cousin, Ninja Warrior, as well as TruTV's World's Dumbest series throughout this hot, hot summer.)

14 July 2010

Food Of July

Dear eaters,

Perhaps you'd like to know what I've been cooking/taking pictures of lately. Well, for starters, I made red-, white-, and blue-striped cookies for the Fourth of July. I brought them to a roof party and people and birds ate them.

I also made blueberry frozen yogurt to combat the intense summer heat. You're supposed to put a thimbleful of liquor/liqueur in this kind of thing to keep it from getting covered in ice crystals in the freezer, but I didn't have any booze that lent itself to blueberry. Which means I don't have nearly the Schnapps collection I'd always imagined myself having at 24. Will work on it. Here are pictures of both desserts, plus their recipes!

Fourth of July Icebox Cookies
(I can't find this recipe anywhere on the internet. Oh gosh. I printed it and taped it into my little cookbook, though, so I'll find out its source later and cite it.)

Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt
(recipe winged by Me)

Blend 3 cups of fresh (rinsed) blueberries, 1 1/2 cups greek yogurt (I used a mixture of full-fat and no-fat), 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sugar (or you could try honey), a pinch of salt, and a pinch of cinnamon (optional) in a large bowl with an immersion blender. Chill the mixture in the fridge for a few hours, then run it through an ice cream machine for 30 minutes. Let it freeze overnight (or 6-8 hours if you make it in the morning). Only then will you enjoy!

E voila!

Nighttime Beckfiti

Mailbox Beckfiti

(this last one is courtesy of Tess)

13 July 2010

The Longest Wait Ever

I'm so deeply sorry to have kept you waiting, everyone. I theoretically know how blogs work, how you're supposed to keep adding to them daily. But in practice, something went wrong. Actually, a few things went wrong (and what I'm doing to right them):

1. There was a bottleneck in my Beckfiti-to-blog process (the process is changing as I type.)
2. I saw the last episode of Lost and couldn't really bring myself to talk about tv for a while (Since I could normally talk about tv for a billion whiles, I'm simply going to have to snap out of it.)
3. I found out my readership expanded and I've been trying to figure out how best to present my opinions with minimal swears and vitriolic threats (see this sentence.)

So there you go, three things I'll work on. First off, get ready for a lot more beckfiti.