16 August 2008

I Think We Know A Lot Of The Same People

Here's what's really working out for me these days:
1. summer streets
2. I worked out this morning
3. frozen peas
4. olympic gymnastics

Here's what's not so great:
a. my pants ripped (just the side, but ripped pants are ripped pants. I need to hit that weight-room thigh thing more)
b. plus it couldn't hurt to strengthen the ol' defenses
c. how narcissistic Steve Martin's character is in Father of the Bride

Here's what's great again!
i. I realized how much I like floorplans
ii. frozen peas
iii. Agador Spartacus
iv. popcorn!!!

04 August 2008

You're A Virgin Who Can't Drive

Frankly, these eight or nine days of sweat are wreaking HAVOC with my baby-delicate skin. That's right, ladies: it's time for that magical month in summer known as Eczember. The trick is that you have eczema during the month. On account of the humidity!

Guess which famous person I saw today- Bruce Vilanch!! Just kidding. What if I did, though? I probably would have responded by barfing in my mouth and falling headfirst into an uncovered manhole. Note to self: try not to meet Bruce Vilanch ever.

And did you ever think, "What if Bruce Vilanch's mom got remarried ever to a person whose last name starts with D?" Why, then his initials would be BVD. Thanks, crossword clues, for always reminding me about BVDs.

Manhattan, we just want you to know that you're in the process of being taken by me. And yes I did watch The Muppets Take Manhattan tonight, thank you very much. A powder puff for you, and a powder puff for me!