31 July 2009

Snevejret O'Clock and All Is Well

I made this clock using only a clock kit and a foreign language children's book I found at a street fair. I also tore some pages out before I made the clock so I could make signs later (you'll see).

Here it is from the side!

I drilled a hole all the way through the book with a screwdriver. Eventually, the peg from the clock kit I bought (below) could fit through the hole. Then I put everything together and suddenly it was time for numbers. I couldn't believe it!

Here's that clock kit I was talking about. I painted the numbers and clock hands black because I thought that might make them more visible on the busy, busy Swedish cover. One day I'll ask Philippa what it means, and she can ask Johan. BECAUSE JOHAN IS SWEDISH!!

Here Follow Things I Have Made

(or: Arts 'n' [farts 'n'] Crafts)

Here is my makeup shelf, upon which I constructed a blue and white intrashelf.

I used two paper towel rolls and two straws trimmed to the same length. Then I painted everything blue except the outside walls of the little box I used.

I glued the edges of the tubes to the box with elmer's glue, which dries clear.

Et voilĂ !

18 July 2009

On Catching More Flies With Honey

...Yeah, BUT.

Things You Can Do On The Sidewalk That No One Will Ever Know About, Even If You're Walking With A Huge Group Of People


Crazy Little Thing Called Health Insurance

Ya gotta pay it! Must-have. Seriously, you have to have it.

Don't Be Afraid To Yell Back At Someone

Someone throwing down attitude MUST be expecting it back FOUR-FOLD. I'll think of better versions of the associated stories I have and get back to you on this.

Why This Blog Should Become An Adorable Narrative Listing Of Life Lessons Learned

Becklectic (the first) could be called a collection of musings, aphorisms, and butcher charts of cows.

Becklectic (takes manhattan) could be called a Listing of Life Lessons Learned, if only I could think of a cool way to reference the four Ls. Technically, it could be LoLLL. That's pretty funny, just check it and see. But what about like, "4L" or "L2L2" or I guess "The Ls Game" or something like that? "Ls Galore!" You know what? LoLLL gets better with every passing second.