25 July 2012

Assorted Atlantan Things

Yesterday I got back from a trip to Atlanta and guess what, it was the best. Here is an assortment of the things I saw/drank:

1) My friends Katherine and Mary took me to an awesome sandwich place in Inman Park called Victory and it was the best place I've ever been to. If it doesn't show up on one of those "I loved eating here!" shows on the Cooking Channel soon, I'll eat my hat.

The sandwiches were $4 each and looked like this (picture from their website):

Also they had Slushie Jack & Cokes, which I drank and took pictures of:

It was the best sandwich place ever.

2) I also saw these purses at Belk and felt like Snooki must've sewn/twisted her bedsheets together in a last-ditch effort to never go hungry again. I mean they were UGLY, folks. Padded fake-satin arm straps.

3) At Walgreen's there were no 99¢ greeting cards but there WERE several thousand $5 Justin Bieber cards. Good to know! Oops, I meant "bad to know" (typographic error).

4) I went to a brand new bakery with my mom and noticed that the bricks on the wall inside didn't match the bricks on the outside. Good Lord what have the inside bricks been through? I'm so sorry for your suffering, inside bricks. You've clearly been to hell and back. Outside bricks, you lookin' fresh!

Man, I like Atlanta. See you at Christmas, my city friend.