04 August 2009

Birthday's a-Comin'

For my birthday this year, which will be in the ides of September, I would like to celebrate for an entire week. I came up with the weeklong birthday plan three or four years ago, when I realized that the nearly unavoidable birthday blues can be lessened with time. Think of it as a ratio: birthday blues = a few hours of acute depression / time. Increase the time, lessen the blues.

I know I'd like to spend one of the days at the Titanic exhibit in Times Square. I'm also toying with the idea of a karaoke party. Probably I'll have dinner with my dear family one of the nights, and I'll want the daytime to make myself look very nice for dinner. That leaves four days and COUNTLESS presents!

Speaking of presents, do you have any ideas yet? I mainly like any present, as long as it isn't a direct insult or too gaudy or anything. Here are a few examples of REAL things I'd like for my birthday:

1. headphones for public transportation (i.e. ear buds) - nota bene: my ear holes really start hurting after a while with those disc shaped ones. And I HATE it when my ear holes hurt, I really do.

2. headphones that are AWESOME and cancel noise and would be way too showy for the subway (I'm talking ear-covering)

3. a typewriter! A mere pipe dream, unless you and I get lucky with craigslist.

4. stationery that reminds you of me (and hopefully reminds me of me)

5. stickers stickers stickers!

6. 6 long-necked, sapphire blue, Japanese puffer fish! Very rare, very delicate. They're poisonous! That's why I want six - we're probably going to lose a few.

7. spy/detective gear

8. professional or semi-professional portraits of me/you/me and you/us and others

9. a board game or party game! nota bene: I already have twister, connect 4, operation, and scene it. I DO NOT have trivial pursuit, cranium, scattergories, taboo, apples to apples, or monopoly. OR clue!!!!!!!!!! I don't have clue?! What world is this?!

10. An interesting cook book.

11. a copy of The Little Mermaid on dvd

12. maybe some blank miniDVs, if you're into that

13. actually, professional lighting equipment could be awesome, but I haven't ever looked into it or its price range. So let me get back to you on this point.

14. "real estate"

15. pretty scarves

And the list will go on in a few days. I need more time to think, which is great because I have about six weeks to think!! But that also means you only have six shopping weeks left. I also like homemade things. Mix tapes, songs, all that.