09 December 2010

Other Great Moments From U.B. & Their Influence On My Life

1. The time Uncle Buck makes a huge breakfast for Miles's birthday.
For years, I haven't been able to look at a stovetop without seriously considering how I would finagle it to cook huge pancakes. Also, the pat of butter on the pancakes looks like four sticks of butter side by side. This isn't necessarily an impact on my life, but it's in my brain probably 41% of the time. The other 59% is subway maps and muppet trivia.

2. The time Uncle Buck tells Maizy's principal to go downtown and have a rat gnaw the mole off her face.
This is the height of zealous principal-mockery, of which I only dare dream when I'm asleep and dreaming.

3. The time all the pots and pans crash down in the kitchen and Uncle Buck is like "shit!"
Thank you, John Hughes, for teaching me that sometimes you just have to be like "shit!" and that oughta do it.

4. The time Maizy tries to saw her eggroll in half with a chopstick at the dinner table.
This is a great idea.

5. Everything Amy Madigan ever does or says.
Just ask Ed Harris!

Alright, enough already. Let's all just watch Uncle Buck right now.

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