16 September 2013


Gang, as you all know, it's fall again - and that means I've awakened from a real "wipeout" summer hibernation! Wipeout is a show that airs on ABC during the summer.

Although certain wonderful tv shows have come and gone during my break (looking at you, Princesses of Long Island), it's not the end. No, my friends, we're nowhere near. There's so much great tv coming our way this fall, and it's my job to LIST IT!


1. The Michael J. Fox Show, Thursday 9/26 9pm NBC (sorry, Robin Williams*)
This is going to be amazing. Charles Grodin and Candice Bergen are playing Michael J. Fox's parents. Michael J. Fox is playing Michael J. Fox's semi-autobiographical self. FOR GOD'S SAKE MICHAEL J. FOX IS BACK ON TELEVISION RAISE UP YOUR HANDS AMERICA!!!

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Tuesday 9/17 8:30pm FOX (followed by New Girl and Mindy Project!)
I particularly enjoyed Fox's Girly Tuesdays last season, and I'm excited to add a new series to it. I hear the writing staff has some AMAZING gals on it. Welcome to Ladies Night, Andy Samberg & Co!

3. American Horror Story: COVEN, Wednesday 10/9 10pm FX
AmHorSt is appointment television. Granted, was Asylum a literal shit show by the end? Absolutely. Was Murder House maybe a little overpopulated with silly goose ghosts? Sure, get Kate Mara outta there. But will Coven end up dominating my thoughts and fears for weeks on end? YEP, AND THAT'S JUST HOW IT IS.

4. The Walking Dead, Sunday 10/13 9pm AMC
Same song, different lyrics - The Walking Dead and AmHorSt have the same terrible habit of starting strong and then spinning out into complete incongruity. But I'll never stop watching them because apparently horror television is my unasked-for favorite genre. Please send help. (send Daryl)

5. The Pete Holmes Show, Monday 10/28 right after Conan on TBS
If Conan wants Pete Holmes to have a nightly talk show, then I will watch that nightly talk show. Let's just hope Chelsea Peretti cohosts as Pete's very bored, very angry Ed McMahon right from square one.

6. The Crazy Ones, Thursday 9/26 9pm CBS
*This is why I starred that Robin Williams thing. It's on at the same time as MJFox, so it's an automatic 2nd place for the time slot. But hey, Robin Williams is back on tv? And Buffy is a lawyer an ad exec now? Gentlemen, start your Ritalins!!

7. Mom, Monday 9/23 9pm CBS
This one makes me confused because on one hand, it's Anna Faris (who's far better than people give her credit for), but on the other hand, it's Chuck Lorre. But on that first hand again, it's Allison Janney!, but on the other hand, it's fucking CBS. I don't know what to think. I will give it one try at the top of the season with the promise of another try halfway through the spring, provided someone tells me it's gotten better and is worth the second try.

8. How I Met Your Mother, Monday 9/23 8pm CBS
Just because I resent CBS Mondays doesn't mean I won't be pressing my eyeballs directly onto the television screen for the last season of what used to be one of the funniest shows on tv.

9. Hello Ladies, Sunday 9/29 10pm HBO
Stephen Merchant put a lot of hard work into this, GUYS. Try to put your racism aside.

10. Reign, Thursday 10/17 9pm CW
I honestly have no clue why.

11. The Carrie Diaries, Friday 10/25 8pm CW
This show is atrocious but I really, really recommend everyone watch it. The main antagonist is named Donna LaDonna. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

12. PARKS & REC, Thursday 9/26 8pm NBC

Here's a handy premiere calendar, courtesy of TV Guide!

And PS, how about Breaking Bad??!?!?! I considered recapping this final season (I caught up between last year and this year), but it didn't happen. TOO DENSE, I GUESS. And the show's pretty packed, too! #densityjokes This is becklectic's first hashtag. Speaking of hashtags, wouldn't it be funny if kids in the future cheered like "We're hashtag-one!" Haha, they don't get it. (#1)

Shows I'm thinking of recapping this fall:
-Walking Dead obviously
-Amhorst Coven
-Do you have any requests? Let me know in the comments or @beckyobecky on twitter.


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