05 November 2010

Money Clicks!

Dear fandom,

I've written 4 new articles this month! If you click through to them, you'll be helping me earn a little spare change for these cold winter months. Oh won't you please help with the spare change? I'd be more than happy to repay you by continuing to post hilarious material on the internet. Do we have a deal?

1. AMC's "The Walking Dead" Recap: Half-Zombies and Half-Seasons
This is my recap of the first episode of AMC's new tremendously scary zombie show. As you can see from my following articles, it turns out I like it a lot.

2. How I Met Your Mother Recap: Canning Randy
This is another himym recap, tailored to your exact interests in the show. Will Forte made a guest appearance in this one. See? I get you.

3. The Walking Dead Ep. 2: A Video Interview with Andrew Lincoln
This is a video interview with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes, main character of The Walking Dead) about what episode 2 has in store. We're gonna meet an Asian!

4. AMC's "The Walking Dead" Google Map Tells You Exactly Where Not to Go (Spoiler Alert!)
This is a hilarious map that someone meticulously crafted based on every event from The Walking Dead comic books issues #1-78. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't really read much of the map because I wanted to shoot for minimal spoilers. I already know too much.

So there you go. If you click them, they will come. The cash, that is!

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