23 November 2010

More Fascinating Articles To Oh Nevermind

I wrote even more Walking Dead articles for Gather, and then I also wrote one about how Taylor Momsen is on indefinite hiatus from GG. Hooray!

If you click these, I will earn money which I will then put towards making gifts for you etc:

1. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Episode 2 Recap: Escape from ATL
Here is a handy recap for episode 2 of The Walking Dead. You'll like it, I basically promise!

2. Watch Gwyneth Paltrow's Performance at the CMAs: "Country Strong"
This was from one afternoon when I was just like "ok, let's do a trending topic article." Surprisingly, no one searching for this topic on google wanted to read my article.

3. AMC's "The Walking Dead" Episode 3 Recap: Tell It to the Frogs
I think you know what this is all about! 

4. AMC's "The Walking Dead" Episode 4 Recap: Vatos!
This is my recap of the most recent Walking Dead episode. It was a doozy. That's a paraphrase from the article itself. 

5. "Gossip Girl" Exiles Taylor Momsen; In Her Own Universe, Blair Waldorf Feels a Pleasant Shudder

And in the meantime, is everyone watching Glory Daze on tbs? I recommend it, and also I recommend Stankowski. He's a great new television character! Fin. 


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