17 November 2010

That Robot Everyone Said I Made Up

Every few months I find myself trying desperately to describe a particularly obscure robot. "No no no, you remember him," I plead with friends. "He lives in the basement and he has videotape ribbon for hair and I think he looks sort of like Short Circuit? But he talks more like Screech's robot butler. Do you know the one I'm talking about?" Understandably, the answer is always no. No one remembers this robot that would say cool slang things and drink soda pop and stuff. How could they? He hasn't been on tv for 20 years!

But thanks to a recent article I read about fictional robots, D.E.C.K.S. rolled right back into my life. It turns out that he DID exist, and he was on a show called Wake, Rattle, and Roll (until it became Jump, Rattle, and Roll). His best friend was a shaggy haired kid named Sam Baxter (played by R.J. Williams, who went on to work at Full House as DJ's crush, the paperboy). The two best friends would show cartoons to me, their adoring fan, and occasionally call up the stairs from the basement to wherever their mom was yelling about something. Classic!

Upon further research, I'm finding that they had a time machine in their basement but would only rarely use it. Also, D.E.C.K.S. stands for Digital Electronic Cassette-Headed Kinetic System, which is hilarious.

It wasn't just a crazy cassette-headed dream! He did exist!

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