17 November 2011

You Should Be Watching Portlandia

Carrie Brownstein's old riot grrrrl band Sleater Kinney was amazing before they broke up, and it was 33% due to her amazing voice. Well, that's not totally accurate. Maybe the breakdown is more like:

However it breaks down, who knew Carrie Brownstein was also an incredibly talented comedian? Apparently Fred Armisen did. And also IFC. Thus Portlandia was born! Click through for all the Portlandia that Hulu is prepared to offer at the moment. Below is "Did You Read?":

Brownstein keeps up with Armisen at an astounding pace (disregarding editing and whatevs), and her straight face is naturally set at a hilarious "I don't get it" level, and she throws herself into every character she portrays. I, along with everyone else who watched the first season, really hope that Carrie & Fred are best friends in real life. Since Armisen is also a talented musician, they pepper their sketches with genuine-seeming jam outs. You know how they say that all comedians want to be rock stars and all rock stars want to be comedians? They both did both, and they called it Portlandia.

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