14 February 2013

A Short Valentine's Day Story About Prince Charles


Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, stroll along a sun-dappled garden path. Camilla holds a white lace parasol.

"Such a beautiful day, don't you think?" she says.

"Oh yes, quite, quite," agrees Charles.

"I should think we might visit the stables and go for a ride," she suggests.

Charles thinks for a moment, then nods. "Splendid idea! I say, let's off!"

Charles and Camilla arrive at the stables, where they greet the Head Groom.

"G'day, Your Royal 'ighnesses!" says the stable master, taking Camilla's parasol. "Shall Sir go first on this fine afternoon, or the Lady?"

Charles and Camilla both speak at once: "I'd like to -- oh you should -- oh all right, I'll -- Oiiiii..." They look at each other awkwardly, not sure who should go first.

"'ow 'bout I saddle you bofe up at the same time?" the Head Groom offers.

"Quite!" they exclaim, giggling heartily as the Head Groom straps saddles on both of their backs and beckons two Appaloosas with a few clicks of the tongue. The horses jump onto the saddles and steer Charles & Camilla off into the sunset.

"God save the Queen," says the stable master, to no one in particular. The royals jump over a stream in the background.

photo courtesy of boston.com

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