03 January 2010

Three Days Done, Three Hundred Sixty-Two To Go

Last night I live-tweeted Better Off Dead and I still feel a little hungover from it. Or from the three cans of Dr. Brown's Diet Cream Soda I imbibed. Either way, heartburn!!

This afternoon I picked up a megaphone, a box of fortune cookie namecard holders, a cookbook, some socks, and a jar of fig jam my mom made at my brother's apartment, where some of our Christmas winnings were shipped. Since I got back to my place, I have used the megaphone three distinct times.

Tonight I OOPS GOTTA CALL GRANDMA. It's ringing, pause from typing, done. Oh grandma, what a nice phone call. I had to cancel dinner due to it being VERY COLD TONIGHT.

It's pretty cold today, you should know. Really pretty cold. First post of 2010 and it's about the weather. Thank goodness!

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