25 January 2010

Food I've Made

I finally got a new computer, which means I finally transfered some beautiful pictures of food I've made to a computer that can accept them. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few recent-ish dishes I've cooked, in their natural habitats:

Hello, I'm a deviled egg.

This was my Thanksgiving Friday feast of 2009, when I made a turkey just to see if I could. I could! To the right of the turkey is cranberry sauce, pear-sage-pecan stuffing and mashed potatoes. To the left, blanched green beans, crescent rolls, and butternut squash soup.

This was the dessert for the Thanksgiving Friday feast. It's a sweet potato pie with marshmallow fluff meringue.

Here are the lemon squares I made tonight!

Here are some unboiled spinach ricotta gnocchi. This was my first gnocchi as well as my first pasta from scratch.

Here are the chocolate cupcakes I made for Josh's birthday. They are monogrammed.

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