25 April 2010

Introducing Bacon Watch '10

For the past three weekends, I have been lucky enough to find myself in brunch situations. Some have been low-key, some have been in Hoboken, but all have had the self-evident pattern of bacon involvement. Apparently I can't do brunch without bacon. To turn this into something helpful, I've decided to develop a new segment to Becklectic, which I will call Bacon Watch '10.

("Restaurant name": "Bacon observations")

1. Spring Street Natural: I can't find the exact name of the bacon now that I'm actually looking into it, but I believe it was specifically Applewood bacon or something like that. There was an aptly appley sweetness to the bacon, which was around 75% meat. I enjoyed it, but my memory of it has possibly been compromised by item #3.

my full meal: Bagel & lox plate, side order of bacon, blood orange bellini (why wasn't it called a mimosa, though, when a blood orange is still an orange?)

2. Stacks (in Hoboken): The bacon here was pretty flimsy and greasy. But on the plus side, they give you little bits of cornbread to eat while you wait to order. The plus side in this case is that they don't give you bacon while you wait, instead.

my full meal: Red, White, & Blue Pancakes, side order of bacon, iced coffee

3. Brinkley's: Oh man!!! My roommates and I shared a memorable Sunday morning at this upscale pub-fare bar/restaurant yesterday, and man oh man, the bacon was the best part. Admittedly, the service was reeeeally slow, but when my friend Zach asked for a side order of bacon, they (four hours later) basically brought him an entire side of bacon. It was mapley. It was abundant. It was about 60% meat, 40% fat. It was 100% very, very delicious. In fact, here are a few of the notes I took immediately after deciding to start Bacon Watch '10:


To be fully honest with you, this bacon was the reason I started Bacon Watch '10. I know I said earlier that it was because I noticed how much bacon I eat, blah blah, but even that reason takes a backseat to how delicious the bacon at Brinkley's is. I just want to keep the record straight.

my full meal: Scrambled eggs and bacon, cherry scone, coffee (and a shared appetizer of welsh rarebit, which I enjoyed, but I think their toaster/broiler was broken)

That's the list so far. I intend to keep it going, so that one day this can be a vast Baconpedia for your bacon resource needs. Bacon, je t'aime.

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