04 May 2010

Bacon Watch '10 Marches On

I've got a habit for weekend bacon, and this sat/sun were no exception. On Saturday morning, Josh and I went to Whole Foods to collect the items we'd need for an anniversary celebration home made brunch. Amongst* these items: bacon. You guessed it!

*Should I have used "among" there? What's the difference between "among" and "amongst?" Once I used "thusly" in a paper and my teacher's margin note was like 8 full inches of "YOU ARE NOT FROM ENGLAND. GET IT STRAIGHT FOR ONCE." One other thing I'll mention, however, is how often people use "awhile" when they mean "a while." You can wait for a while or you can wait awhile something happens. But never the twain shall meet.

On Sunday, my apartmentmates and I met old apartmentmate and adored friend Tess for brunch. Although 24 Prince boasts a kitchen staffed by at least one Top Chef contestant (Nikki**), they really can't boast about their bacon. Yipes.

**Nikki, you're before my time. But google images show that you are very pretty.


Whole Foods: 365 Brand Applewood Smoked Uncured Pork Bacon. Very good. I cooked it longer than my mom taught me to, and it turned out extremely well. The key: always drain cooked bacon on a paper-towel-lined dish. Do I even have to say that?

my full meal: Cinnamon-raisin french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, oj

24 Prince: miserable bacon. Just miserable. Maybe one millimeter better than Stacks's bacon. They did not drain off the grease. Blech. I had my first baked egg, though.

my full meal: baked eggs with spinach and feta, bacon, bellini

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