03 January 2011

Thank The Lord For The Primetime

It's 2011, and that can only mean one thing: MORE TV!

After weeks of nothing but Christmas specials and Jersey Shore marathons, it's finally time to get back to real tv, i.e., a new season of Jersey Shore. Here's a list of all the television shows I'm excited for in the upcoming months:

1. Jersey Shore (MTV, Thu Jan 6, 10pm)
Among the JS marathons this week, MTV has been slipping in some pretty extensive sneak peeks at the new season. Mark my words, New Deena's going to set this whole Sammi thing on its head. This will be the way I wished Lost could have ended, and I will feel fulfilled.

2. Parks & Rec (NBC, Thu Jan 20, 9:30pm)
Netflix Instant Watch is currently running season 2 of Parks & Rec (and season 2 of Party Down again, just so you know!), and my roommates and I are falling for it more and more each night. We keep trying to watch just one episode, you see, but then three hours later, we've done another minimarathon. It's a lot like Leslie Knope and that whipped cream. Why and how could we ever stop?

3. Archer (FX, Thu Jan 27, 10pm)
It turns out Netflix Instant Watch inspires most of my television these days. I'd tried to watch Archer when it aired on FX last season, but even though I love H. Jon Benjamin and Jessica Walter very much, I just couldn't do it. I'd switch to the show, sit staring with a furrowed brow for three minutes, then throw the remote at the tv screen until it changed to another channel...until one weekend when Josh had us watch the whole series on netflix, and my mind changed. It simply changed.

4. Top Model!!! (CW, Wed Feb 23, 8pm)
2 cycles a year = I'm always taken pleasantly by surprise!

5. Bob's Burgers (Fox, Sun Jan 9, 8:30pm)
H. Jon, let us see how this goes. I wrote an article about this show here.

6. Gossip Girl (CW, Mon Jan 24, 9pm)
Maybe for 2011 I can take notes on every episode but wait until the very last one to do a Dodecarecap Spectacular!

7. Shameless (Showtime, Sun Jan 9, 10pm)
I saw a poster for this in the subway and it looks awesome. But I am so poor. Does anyone happen to know off the top of your head if Showtime is going to do a free weekend any time soon? And if so, which channel would that be on?

8. The Cape (NBC, Sun Jan 9, 9pm)
I'm only in it for Forney from Where the Heart Is. And with that I have written the nerdiest, lamest thing anyone has ever written on a blog. Sorry guys.

He was also a fast-texting vampire in True Blood, if that helps you/me. Oh, it doesn't?

If I'm going to be at work all day, at least can't there be Neil Diamond playing? No? Ok, I guess that seems reasonable. So no Neil Diamond. Can I at least watch Regis & Kelly? No? Right, obviously not. It is hard to go back to work after a break. Can I at least pop out and catch a movie in the middle of the day? BUT I STILL HAVE TO SEE BLACK SWAN!

Tiny James Franco: Me too!

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