04 October 2012

New Webisodes of Walking Dead: COLD STORAGE

Season Three of Walking Dead is almost here, which means another string of pre-season webisodes are here at last! Last year's top-half-of-a-lady zombie origin story was amazing. I'm not sure I feel the same way about this year's "Cold Storage." Watch the 4 installments below at AMCtv.com and tell me what you think and why! I'll put what I think below the videos links so as not to spoil your viewing.

Wow what a wiener bad guy, right? And kind of a wiener good guy. And such a dark place to go with the lady tied up on the bed. It sounded like she was the bad guy's coworker crush. Yikes. Zombies are so dumb, you guys. You can outsmart them by banging at padlocks a lot until the last possible second. Good luck siphoning a ton of gasoline jerks! HI ATLANTAAAA!!!!!!!!

videos courtesy of amctv.com

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