20 March 2013

Make Your Own Maxine Wallpaper!

Are you like me? Did you spend your childhood days getting dragged to the Hallmark Store by your mother? Do you see a blank wall and wish there was wallpaper there? Did you go to K-Mart just after New Years and spend your fun money for the week on a Maxine page-a-day calendar? Great news: you can make wallpaper out of it!

As you can see here, I've been saving each hilarious Maxine cartoon since January 1st and taping it to the wall in my office. Once that space filled up, I moved it over to another wall:

What's great about this type of wallpaper is that when the wind picks up, you get nice movement through the pages. 

Lately I've been drawing on some of the cartoons with a red colored pencil. I regret it now. Here are a few pages I've selected to show how hilarious Maxine is. She's a real crab apple. And she stopped smoking!



Here is one that's not funny on purpose but very funny because of the applause sign and kerchief and hand puppet:

Congratulations, now you can have the best of the best just like me! Maxine on every wall, embodying life and love. Every single day of 2013.

She tells it like it is, dipsticks.

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