04 June 2013

Mad Men Recap: "A Tale Of Two Cities" [Plus A Bunch Of Riots]

Beginning thoughts:
1. Why is Mad Men's LA always such a hippie shitshow? Seriously, everyone there is a total freak 100% of the time and I don't understand why.
3. Good for Pete.

Middle thoughts:
Don and Megan watch the televised upheaval in two different cities, aghast at what they're seeing. This is possibly the first time Don has actually reacted to world news this season. When he gets high at the hippie party and hallucinates a pregnant, long-haired Megan leading him around the house, it might be the happiest he will ever be. He's never content with what he has and he's only barely content with what he wants. Face-down in a pool is the only way Don can find peace. Congratulations, drowny. "Go for a swim," says Megan. "It always makes you feel better."

Roger overdoes it on his make-fun-of-a-guy-you-fired binge. Danny the tiny copywriter has gone full-blown Paul Simon, and although he hates violence, he's willing to karate chop Roger in the nuts. His acid-trip date giggles like crazy.

The sheer LA-ness of this episode has turned my recap into a toilet flush of mustache hair. I apologize, but I must continue this way. It's all this Carnation instant breakfast. Dutch Reagan is a patriot.

Joan's trotting out her balls and I, for one, LIKE it. She brings new Avon business to SCDPCGC (it turns out that really was the name!!), only to have Ted yank it out from under her to give it to Pete. Peggy's horrified because she for some reason STILL thinks she knows how to deal with Ted. Peggy, you dropped those reins as soon as he closed his office door on your greasy head.

Ginsberg has quite a moment, caused either by Vietnam's continuation or by the alien messages broadcasting into his brain. Possibly both. He screams at Cutler, who screams at Bob Benson when he tries to interfere. Ginsberg: "Tell me the truth. Are you a homo?" Benson: "There's that sense of humor." OK SO HE'S NOT GAY AND HE'S NOT INTO JOAN. THIS MEANS HE'S A SOCIOPATH. MAYBE NOT IN THE REAL WORLD BUT DEFINITELY ON TELEVISION. WATCH AN EPISODE OF DEXTER FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.

Apparently Roger let Cutler watch his dog once and it ran away. Please show me a webisode of this IMMEDIATELY.

Sorry, Pete, but it's Sterling Cooper & Partners now. The good news is there was no way "Campbell" was making it into the letterhead to begin with. So now you've achieved something under a shared title! And now you've learned to forget all your troubles with doobies! I think this is a good day for Pete after all. Maybe now Trudy can appear to him in a trippy doobie vision and hold his head underwater until he dies. That would be cool.

End thoughts:
Ok that's it! Thanks for traveling out to my wacky LA pool party and smoking all that hash out of a gigantic shared hookah! DOES THIS COLOR LOOK GOOD ON ME? Meredith!!!!!

photos courtesy amctv.com

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