22 November 2009

A Handy Thanksgiving Honey-Do List, Just For You!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the glorious holiday feast that must happen four days from now? Are you feeling the extra pressure, seeing as it's FINALLY Thanksgiving on November 26th (aka Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving (probably because the first Thanksgiving I remember fell on the 26th))? Do you even have your turkey yet?

IF you answered yes, yes, and no, then this is the list for you. I figured if I have to get a list going to get myself ready for Thanksgiving, why not make it public? This way we all win.

Now, my Thanksgiving feast will happen on Friday, as I have a family Thanksgiving to attend on Thursday (one which will not yield me any leftovers BUT AT ALL). This means I must look good on Thursday and cook good on Friday. Here we go.

Honey Do!
  • figure out who's going to give me a haircut before Thurs
  • watch a lot of tv
  • maybe I'll try to grab a turkey today wouldn't that be smart!
  • look for recipes for Friday's cookstravaganza. I already have a turkey/gravy recipe. Check!
  • watch tv
  • Finalize menu for Friday. There is still time to change the menu before Weds. Do not panic.
  • Think of something to wear on Thursday
  • Try to watch tv even though there's nothing on on Tuesdays. Perhaps watch Food Network for menu ideas
  • enjoy my final day of work before Thanksgiving
  • go food shopping after work for friday's feastravaganza
  • rewatch last week's antm finale to lessen withdrawal
  • prepare a pie thing? early? this will be more clear after my monday/tuesday recipe legwork
  • watch the parade (on tv)
  • shower and put on makeup and clothes, plus perfume
  • do hair
  • get to dinner on time
  • maybe make some more things in the morning for friday
  • Cook it all up
  • Watch tv
  • Eat
  • Stuffed and passed out by 8pm!
Preliminary Menu:
Turkey and Gravy (my first whole turkey YIKES BIKES)
Yams with pecans
A vegetable or two, but preferably not green bean casserole
Cranberry sauce
Rolls or Cornbread
How could I forget?! A nice festive soup to begin with! Probably squash based. With white wine and peanuts in it.

Feel free to use the list in any way that will optimally help you plan your Thanksgiving week. Just don't try to show up to Thanksgiving wearing what I'm wearing. That would be "going too far."

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  1. haircut before thurs? take my $30 coupon to bumble & bumble!