13 November 2009

Maybe Becklectic Is A TV Recap Blog Now

In the good old days, Becklectic was all over the place. You might have said it was rather eclectic! That was the point of naming it Becklectic. That it was about a lot of things.

Then after three great years, we had a real stinker year. Everything was "I hate health insurance" and "with the younger girls it's always 'let's go camping.'" I mean, even I stopped reading it. And I don't blame me.

Then suddenly I graduated college and spent a year doing NOTHING but reading television recaps. Probably to make it look like I really am going to have a career involving television, even if I have nothing to do with the industry in any way. AND SO:



That's right, I'll be recapping all the television I watch. It will be like you're Nielsen and I'm every family with a box. You might not even have to watch tv anymore!! I wouldn't recommend quitting tv, but you're obviously allowed to do whatever you want, now that we're not married anymore. God, it's like I can't even say the word! This is ridiculous. Divorce. Divorced! We are divorced! But you can still read my recaps.

I'm projecting recaps of the following series:
America's Next Top Model

as well as occasionally:
Must-See Thursday (including It's Always Sunny) (not including Community or Parks & Recreation, or at least not yet)
Gossip Girl MAYBE
how i met your mother
I would have done Dollhouse but it JUST GOT CANCELED.

Prepare yourself.

And maybe Top Chef!

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