27 November 2009

UPDATE: I didn't do anything I set out to do

...and yet somehow there's a Fridanksgiving meal on its way! Right now it's hanging out around the kitchen. It's not ready yet.

I just figured for your sake I'd mention that I didn't get a haircut, didn't get a turkey until Thanksgiving morning, only BARELY watched tv (come on), and came up with an outfit 7 minutes before dinner last night. So if you skipped a few items on your own to-do list, you're just like me: still great!

Also I purchased a typewriter on ebay for just under $30 (that's including shipping) and boy oh boy, are you getting a great-looking Holiday Card this December!

In preparation for the holiday season, I've begun to put red noses on every moose head item in my house. This includes my toothbrush holder, a majestic poster in Colin's room, and the shower curtain. And the barbie horse with brown pipe cleaners around its head that stands atop the printer. Pictures to follow.

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