08 September 2010

Time For My Wishlist!

This year for my birthday (which is fast approaching), I would like to win:

1. this golden bear bottle opener
2. Party Down on dvd
3. We Can Be Heroes on dvd
4. blank miniDV tapes
5. a Crayola Crayon Maker
6. Season 2 of Arrested Development on dvd (I lost mine)
7. Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
8. Mariokart for Wii
9. Clone High on dvd
10. a video about me from you
11. a poem about you from me
12. a little pup to just play with sometimes
13. Guitar Hero or Rock Band for Wii (I know this is a tall order; perhaps you and a group of friends were looking to go in on something together?)
14. a ton more crayons
15. permanent parking spot in nyc for Gabe Kotter, camry extraordinaire
16. canvases for painting
17. interesting cookbooks
18. a new sewing machine
19. itunes gift cards?
20. I'll add more later but I figured that with only 5 days left, you'd probably need the wishlist ASAP!

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