30 March 2012

NY Times's "Cool Dude" Genzlinger At It Again

Neil Genzlinger, you da man. You are easily the most hep television-box journalist this turn of the century. Remember when you hated all new tv because "we've reached the End of Comedy?" That was the cat's meow of sitcom critiques!!!

It's so cool that you wrote "what “Game of Thrones” needs if it is to expand its fan base beyond Dungeons & Dragons types is what most of the United States didn’t get this year: a hard winter." I forgot that Dungeons & Dragons still existed past every 1970s nerd stereotype. Where have I been living, under a television set? How silly of me to forget that whenever I watch Game of Thrones, I am actually rolling the 20-sided die onto my purple velvety cone hat, spread out on the floor and adorned with silver moons and stars. And how silly of all of us Americans to endure such a non winter. So undignified!

It's such a smart idea to suggest that the show's second season should have a hard winter. It's like, if you're talking about winter coming all through season one, you should definitely have a hard winter in season two!!!!!! But there should be more orcs and trolls too. You don't want to upset the main fans.

I'm just saying, we're right there with you, Neil. Please lead us to your higher vision of what television should be and what its viewers should be like. And please keep using moldy terminology as liberally as possible. So groovy.

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