14 March 2012

Usage Wednesdays: Daylight Saving Time

This Sunday we all jumped an hour closer to our inevitable deaths. We begin Daylight Saving Time, a time during which we "save daylight" by having more of it.* Which brings me to the common usage error of the week:

Daylight Saving Time > Daylight Savings Time

Thankfully, no one cares. "Daylight Savings Time" makes just as much sense to us now because we can easily imagine the savings we keep in the bank. Eventually, though, we'll spend all our sunlight and have to revert back to Standard Time. Booooo.

*How on earth would using up more daylight be in any way SAVING it for later use?? Usage is so stupid sometimes. But it's not my job to judge; I'm only here to be your human usage dictionary.

More like Daylight Shaving Time anyway, am I right, you know it's true.

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