04 April 2012

Fake Celebrity Couple: Crispin Glover & Fairuza Balk

This afternoon I did some serious thinking before I paired up Fantasy Lifemates Crispin Glover & Fairuza Balk. Then I googled their names together and found that THEY MIGHT HAVE ACTUALLY DATED. WHATTTTTTTTT


In 2005, Crispin "Hellion" Glover put together a movie called What Is It? which seems to follow a young man who loves snails. Fairuza "Scallion" Balk voices a snail. Most of the principle actors have Down's Syndrome. Crisssspinnnnnnn!

Then, about a year ago, Fairuza tweeted this about Old Hellion:

So I guess they're already dating or something. But whatever, wouldn't they make such a great fake celebrity couple anyway??????????? WEIRDOS IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!


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