09 April 2012

Sayonara, Joan's Stupid Husband!

Last night, Mad Men's "Mystery Date" was a stand-out episode, even though it's only the fourth hour of the season. Don's fever dream, Peggy's newfound friendship, and Grandma Pauline's general CRAZINESS took over, and boy did I feel funny afterwards. I do not like Grandma Pauline, no, not at all. Frankly I am shocked I didn't end up under the couch, too.

Unfortunately I fell asleep 5 minutes into Game of Thrones, but great news: I saw the new addition to the credits!


And now for my thoughts on Mad Men:

This woman who's about to kiss/grope/whathaveyou Don in the elevator is the waitress from Twin Peaks! Danielle Marchetti from Damages! The duchess from Gossip Girl! But has she ever been on Mad Men before? Aha, the audience is supposed to be confused and disoriented, just like Don in his fever state. I get it. 

As soon as Lesbo walks in and shows the gang pictures from Richard Speck's nurse-killing spree, old New-Jew Ginsberg gets on his soapbox and shames everyone for deriving such glee from others' pain. I noticed there was no mom at home when we saw his apartment last week. Perhaps she was murdered too? I'M ONTO YOU, NEW JEW. You and your bait 'n' switch presentations. YEP, I'M ONTO THAT TOO.

Although Don doesn't want Sally "to get rickets in that haunted mansion," she's still going to consume as much media as humanly possible this summer. So she reads all about the nurse-killer under her sheets with a flashlight, and then when she goes to Grandma Pauline for comfort, all she gets is wayyyy more terrified. Grandma Pauline carries a butcher knife she calls her "burglar alarm," and she bites a Secanol in half so Sally can get some sleep for God's sake. Are we sure this isn't Betty's mother? PS, Grandma Pauline's father used to kick her for no reason and she thinks that's good advice. Sally, save yourself. Go find a television, turn it on, and never stop watching it.

I knew Don was having a fever dream the second Madchen came back from the service elevator. I also knew he would strangle her, but then again, I'm reading American Psycho right now. It just felt right. & I just wanted you to know that I knew.

Greg's back from Vietnam, but he's so stupid and vain, he doesn't even figure out the paternity timing issue with Baby Kevin's date of birth. So when Joan finally kicks him out for good, it's easily the best moment of my weekend. First of all, the guy volunteered for another yearlong tour in Vietnam. Second, he didn't consult his wife. Third, what he did to Joan before they were married was unspeakable. NY Mag has a great review of the sexual politics going on in Mad Men 1966, especially for Joan. BON VOYAGE, ASSHOLE GREG!

Meanwhile Peggy makes friends with Dawn and slowly realizes how oblivious she's been to racial strife. The nurse-killer isn't the only scary thing going on in big cities these days, so as a symbol of trust, Peggy very awkwardly leaves her cash-filled purse out where Dawn sleeps. I guess this is a giant leap forward in Peggy's journey towards Total White Guilt Fulfillment.

The episode ends on an overhead shot of Joan's bed, where her mother naps and Kevin squirms. Joan is wide awake, thinking about the future. I like it when families take group naps. Sorry, gang. For now, the Holloways are closed for business.

Photos courtesy AMCtv.com

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