20 July 2010

Beckfiti: The Tess Files

First off, Tess (of Curiouser and Curiouser fame) sent me this insane double-beckfiti. Can you make out the pink "becky" behind the green one?
Broome and Greene

Next, we can clearly see that someone tried and failed to hide the beckfiti behind... what is that, very wide packing tape? Nice try.
Cooper Sq. and e. 7th

And finally, Tess sent me this mailbox beckfiti shot, which I myself found late one night on Ave A and 2nd (see Nighttime Beckfiti post). This is easily the most comprehensive beckfiti-tracking effort ever made.

pictures of my name in graffiti from you!

I feel like we could discuss this on a case-by-case basis. But I will say that the reward would automatically include undeniable heroism. Unless that's something you're not interested in, in which case it would become part of our discussion.

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