13 July 2010

The Longest Wait Ever

I'm so deeply sorry to have kept you waiting, everyone. I theoretically know how blogs work, how you're supposed to keep adding to them daily. But in practice, something went wrong. Actually, a few things went wrong (and what I'm doing to right them):

1. There was a bottleneck in my Beckfiti-to-blog process (the process is changing as I type.)
2. I saw the last episode of Lost and couldn't really bring myself to talk about tv for a while (Since I could normally talk about tv for a billion whiles, I'm simply going to have to snap out of it.)
3. I found out my readership expanded and I've been trying to figure out how best to present my opinions with minimal swears and vitriolic threats (see this sentence.)

So there you go, three things I'll work on. First off, get ready for a lot more beckfiti.

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