24 July 2010

Jeans Diapers: What's The Big Deal?

Visiting Atlanta a few months ago, I was taking my daily stroll around the local Target when I glanced at a mind-boggling display: Huggies Little Movers Denim Diapers. If I remember correctly, I believe my response was to (1) drop everything I was holding, (2) hit my chin on the floor, and (3) suddenly remember that, occasionally, I can still feel thrilled about something.

Why, then, does every article or blog post I read on the internet condemn these jeans diapers? From the Times Magazine to Salon to NY Mag, moral outrage is pervasive. Everybody hates these diapers, and I want to know why. First, here's the disgustingly over-sexualized, not-funny-at-all, saying-things-like-"POOP" commercial:

Oh man, these devils at Huggie are truly perverted. That be-jeansed baby is practically in flagrante delicto for the spot's entire 30 seconds! Rest assured, I'm still buying honest, customary, white diapers for my hope chest. I'd rather not ruin my future baby's life with jeans diapers, for God's sake.

This morning I walked by this ad on the armani exchange window. Is she wearing Little Movers, or is this just a harbinger of what we can expect from our nation's youth?

In actuality, my best friend Katherine DID buy me a hope chest for my 18th birthday, and if I were ever to put traditionally hope-chesty things in there, jeans diapers would top the list. Wouldn't that be amazing? To be able to dress up your baby in a costume so awesomely functional, just on those times you'd feel like, I don't know, having fun with your child? I think that could be fun. What if you wanted to dress up your baby as Teen Wolf for his first Halloween? Wow, if only jeans diapers existed, that would really fit the bill. Or what if you were the sort of parent who held up options of clothes for the baby to choose from occasionally (you know, just on those times you might want to have fun), and the baby genuinely seemed to like the jeans diapers? If making her happy meant putting her in denim Huggies, I would be more than willing.

I finally found a blog post at Trendhunter (sure, why not?) that shared my more positive sentiments. Sure, writer Zoe Badley might be more impressed with the commercial than I am, but that's only because I've been watching videos with the word "poop" in them for a long time now. What I really enjoy about the Trendhunter article is the "Related Trends" section, which shows like 30 different articles about diapers. Fantastic.

To further convince you, I'm adding pictures of my brother and me on Halloween 1987. Tell me you wouldn't consider dressing up your kid as Teen Wolf.

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