02 March 2011

ANTM's Ann Ward Is In Vogue Italia!

As per the Tyra Banks, the reward for winning the last cycle of America's Next Top Model would be a spread in Vogue Italia as well as some boring deal about their beauty insert. Plus a contract with an agency, plus probably some sort of Covergirl hohokus. The gawkiest girl in the world won, and we all wondered what her spread would end up looking like - more lonely portraits eating bacon sandwiches, perhaps?

But no! Ann's spread is much more beautiful than bacon sandwiches! And at the risk of not citing everything properly (which I'm doing my best to do), here are her photographs:

The photographs all come from Oh No They Didn't! and there seems to be a source listed on that page, although it leads to another livejournal. Probably credit is due to Vogue Italia. Yes, it definitely is.

Congratulations, Ann! You have finally made some really expressive faces, and that wig WORKS. Congratulazioni!!!

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