16 March 2011

I Apologize In Advance But I Won't Regret This

"Brain tumors are funny, but they're not hilarious."

I was poking around on The Hairpin today, and they had an article about this blog, which chronicles a girl's bout with a brain tumor. It's called "A Lie of the Mind," and the blogger's a pretty hilarious writer, not to mention insanely attractive. With all the craziness she's facing, that's nuts.

I'm really sorry to suddenly become one of those blogs that's like "Look at this inspirational cancer blog! Now look at THIS inspirational cancer blog! NOW KEEP LOOKING AT CANCER BLOGS FOREVER!!" and I don't really plan on linking to many more - but when I read this one, I felt like it was something to spread around.

Maybe it's all the SVU I've been watching lately. That sounds real dumb, but hear me out. Correlation, not causation. Lately I don't feel like looking away from life's unpleasantries, be they Dick-Wolf-inspired or actual (and genuinely funny). But whether or not you're going through a similar morbid phase, I think you might appreciate this look into a pretty serious episode in a funny person's life.

These are pictures of her dad and her. I chose to use them because in it, she looks exactly like a mannequin, and I think it's cool. Clearly she's pretty talented at mannequining to say the least. Plus all that other stuff I wrote earlier.

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