25 December 2009

More Like Soldout Holmes

Instead, we're skipping straight to the home movie conversion. I wish I could go back in time and talk to my brother and myself as cute little babies and pick us up and spin us around and do all the stuff that I remember liking to do whilst picked up, like flying. I guess that's what nieces and nephews are for. PS last night I found out that two of my cousins (really, one cousin and one cousin's wife) are pregnant, which means for the next five years at least we will be having Baby Christmases. Enough of these everybody-is-older-than-13 family get-togethers. Babies make all the difference.

While I was making mashed potatoes in the kitchen this afternoon, I was listening to npr (oh geez), and the main story was about all these homeowners who were slowly getting crushed by their mortgages, right now in particular. The story covered families torn asunder by job transfers, a guy who ate rice everyday and went without a cell phone for 5 years to afford a down-payment on his now-too-expensive house, and a few people who have decided to default on their loans on purpose. WOW. MERRY MORTGAGE.

In Georgia you don't have to pay tax when you buy a Bible, or at least that was true in 1984.

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