07 November 2012

Dr. T-Dog & The Women

Sunday night's "Killer Within" was easily the best episode of Walking Dead Season 3 so far, and since this is easily the best season so far, I guess we just watched the best episode of Walking Dead so far. We finally got to the bottom of the who's-spying-on-Carol mystery. We finally got to see T-Dog interact with other characters. We finally got Rick (and Carl) to cry. What is this world coming to??

Michonne sees bloody bullet holes all over the army jeep the Governor just brought back, and guess what, she smells something fishy yet again. Meanwhile, he's flirting with Andrea by sternly reminding her he'll NEVER tell anyone his real name. Hey, it's better than Merle's tactic: "How come we never hooked up?" Andrea: "You called me a whore and a rug-muncher." How you gon' choose with all these fine men around, girl?

Back at the prison (FINALLY!!), the person who was spying on Carol a few weeks ago is now smearing deer parts (zombie bait) all over the unfortified entrances to the prison. Oh boy, are we in trouble now! This guy (or girl) is stirring the zombie prison pot!!!

The two remaining inmates (Axel and Oscar, according to Wikipedia) keep wandering out of their cell block. They've noticed the weak spots on their own fences, but the gang isn't having it. Despite T-Dog's fervent pleas to let the inmates live peacefully among our survivors, Daryl locks them up again. Sorry T-Dog, you might actually be the last Democrat left.

Hershel's healing up so darn quick, he's ready to take a stroll in the yard with one leg and a crutch. He's dancing around, bell-kicking and yee-hawing, when suddenly ten million zombies start flooding in. It's that damn deer bait! It leads the zombies directly to the Hershel bait! Everyone runs inside the cell block, but I guess there must've been more deer bait in there too because now it's full of zombies. Zombies inside, zombies outside - nothing could be worse than this. Nothing except T-DOG GETTING BITTEN IN THE SHOULDER.

Nowhere is safe. Everyone else is trapped in the prison's inner tunnels while Rick, Daryl, and Glenn try to find the source of the alarm blares that are now attracting every zombie in Georgia to the prison. Oscar thinks it's one of the backup generators. CLASSIC OSCAR.

Maggie, Lori, and Carl search for shelter because, oh yes, Lori's having contractions right now. They sneak into a boiler room whose door won't fully close (but don't worry, that never becomes an issue) so that Lori can go for broke. She's pushing and pushing, perhaps jumping the gun a bit (I mean her water hasn't even broken yet and this is TELEVISION after all), and when lots of blood starts coming out, she realizes she needs Maggie to just go for it and give her a c-section. Carl just stands there like, "...don't...do that..." as Lori takes off her pants.

Over in good old Woodbury, the Governor is capable of hitting golf balls directly into zombies' heads from 100 yards away. JUST LIKE UNCLE BUCK. Walking Dead, if you are trying to make me like the Governor by making him just like Uncle Buck, you have succeeded. I want one of the zombies to go "I'm SORRRRAYYYYYYY, ok assholes?! I'm SORRRAYYYYY- Ow! (sniffle) I'm sorry." Haha what a gas! Merle comes up and is like "Andrea showed me where my brother might be on a map. Can I go?" but the Governor is just testing out fancy plates on a piano and saying "huh, unbreakable!" He's not even listening. Larry and...uh...Betsy...yeah, that's right. It's worth noticing that as the Governor promises Merle he'll go with him if he can bring more evidence of Daryl's whereabouts, his face twitches LIKE CRAZY. It's Claire Danes level.

Carol and T-Dog can't reach their tunnel exit because there are walkers blocking their way. So T-Dog, who is already bitten up and frankly must be running on pure adrenaline by now, blitzes them and allows himself to become T-dog bait to let Carol get by. But instead of running by, she stares at him for like, an hour. She can't get enough T-Dog, either.

The Governor tells Andrea his "real" name - Philip - I guess to fully tear her friendship with Michonne asunder. He plies her with whiskey and tells her that Michonne's island plan is a bad idea. She completely takes the Governor bait. Is this the Andrea we've been watching for 2 years? The gun-toting Shane-crotch-grabbing all-night-sprinter? "Philip's" existential argument for staying at Woodbury pulls at her desire to settle down again at some point, but I don't know if that totally gibes with what we've seen of Andrea so far. Granted, she's been in an apocalypse, but she just seems more alive when she's on the run. What was she before this? A patent attorney?

Rick's group finds the backup generator as well as the skinny kid he threw to the wolves a few episodes ago. Remember when I was asking if that kid had done anything to deserve such a fate? Well, he teleologically just did. He and Rick fight, which makes Rick's gun fly out of his holster. Oscar picks it up and aims. He kills the kid, spins the gun on his finger, and hands it to Rick handle-first. I THINK I'M GONNA LIKE THIS GUY.

Back in obstetrics, Lori knows she's going to die. She gives perhaps the best performance she'll ever give, hugging Carl and telling him he'll be able to overcome all of this. She tells Maggie to rip her open and kill her after. In a blur, Maggie delivers the baby and Lori passes out. It's not clear if she's dead or not, but she most likely will be, so Carl takes it upon himself to execute her. He flashes back to a scene from last season at the barn - Rick gives him a gun and tells him he's not going to like using it. I'LL SAY.

Carl, Maggie, and the new baby limp out into the yard where everyone's reuniting. The baby's limping because it's so small and can't really use its legs yet. JK but for real, Rick sees that Lori's not with them and he just loses it. Andrew Lincoln can really let 'er rip, and he does. He weeps, looks at Carl and finds yet another reason to weep, and eventually rolls around on the ground just crying and crying. I can't wait to rewatch it. THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE OF WALKING DEAD THERE'S BEEN SO FAR.

photos courtesy amctv.com and filmfreak, which comes attached to a pretty spectacular Uncle Buck essay

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