27 November 2013

This Just In: I Don't Hate Super Fun Night!

When the new tv season was starting, I decided to skip Super Fun Night until someone (anyone) told me they liked it and I should try it. That happened yesterday, and I watched it, and then I also watched the rest of the episodes available on hulu. Guess what, guys! I don't hate it!

I'd been nervous about watching a show whose main conceit was originally marketed as "Rebel Wilson plays an overweight nerd who constantly embarrasses herself." I like Rebel Wilson and I like nerds of all shapes and sizes, but something about that combination being pushed as the show's best thing gave me pretty terrible vibes. I didn't want to watch blonde-20something-Mike & Molly (though I haven't seen that either), and I didn't want to feel awkward about how the show decided to address women and weight and social standards and sizeism and blah blah blah. While there IS plenty of awkwardness in that area, the show also has heart in a way I didn't expect. And Rebel Wilson's American accent is much, much better than I was led to believe (which had been somewhere in the braying donkey side of the spectrum).

The show follows Kimmie's (Rebel Wilson) crush on her unattainable (yet very friendly) British coworker Richard. They're both lawyers, and she's mercifully good at her job. Kimmie lives with two other girl-nerds (one from Don't Trust the B and the other a newcomer who reminds me in the best possible way of Marla Hooch), and while their nerdiness is still clunky and artificial, it seems like it will fall into place eventually. They're friends with three boy-nerds in their apartment building, essentially the Big Bang Theory b-team but with far fewer lines and thus far more opportunities to not hate them. I don't hate them YET.

So far my favorite episodes are "The Set Up," which plays out like every girl's crush-fantasy of a boy realizing he prefers having fun with YOU to having steamy sex with a great-looking woman, and "Go with Glorg," which sets up an unlikely friendship between Kimmie and her great-looking (if completely boring) boss, Quinn, who's currently dating Richard. Things I like to see in sitcoms include: fantasy fulfillment, unlikely friendships, the occasional funny joke. So far, Super Fun Night has exhibited all three!


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